Top 5 Sites Where You Can Publish EBooks Free

In modern society, eBooks are amid the most fabulous and most fashionable technological revolution that has happened. This phenomenon is so apparent, and everyone has experienced it. You can concur with me if you are a book lover.

Ideally, the tale of eBooks commenced in the 20th century in the year 1971. This time was when a project by the name Guttenberg was initiated by Michael Hart from Illinois University. Since then, the culture of writing eBooks has considerably spread all over the world. It has attracted many people because of the growing usage of mobile devices to access the internet and read while on the go.

In reference to an article that was published in Huffingpost, to date close to a quarter of the million dollars earned through online sales, are generated from the sale of eBooks. In 2018, Price Waterhouse Coopers predicted that there was a possibility that the sale of digital books would surpass that of print books. Indeed, this prediction has come to pass.

The market for eBooks is skyrocketing at a very high rate that online eBook publishers have improved their services and minimized restrictions to all budding eBook writers at entry level. Due to this tremendous market growth for eBooks, different ebook writing services have emerged in a bid to help authors achieve their goals with minimal challenges. The services include ebook ghostwriting services where a prospective ebook author outsources writing to qualified ebook ghostwriters. Ebook ghostwriters put together the authors’ ideas and thoughts as agreed upon and do not claim rights to the final project. The author then proceeds to publish their book to different online ebook publishing sites and earn royalties.

In a contemporary society as a skillful author with the enthusiasm of writing books, you don’t have to plead with the unconcerned publisher to have access in the field of literature. What you are required to do is jot down a thrilling eBook and have knowledge at the hand of publishing it for free on online platforms.

How Can I Become an Author without Contributing Any Penny?

I’m pretty sure this is a pestering question for every prospective ebook self-publisher. However, fret not as there is a solution to it. It might sound untrue as the saying says “When the deal is too good think twice”. However, to publish an eBook, we have to invalidate the saying, because it is possible to self-publish a bestseller that attracts readers globally without having to spend on publishing and distribution of hard copies. There exists a variety of free eBook self-publishing online companies that can give you a platform to self-publish your book at no extra cost.

To gain popularity for your eBook, it is paramount to publish it on various free online self-publishing platforms for extensive exposure. Discusses herein are top 5 ebook self-publishing sites every ebook author should consider.

 Amazon Kindle Publishing

Amazon kindle publishing tops on our list. It offers an opportunity of publishing your eBook for free without having to pay the publisher. To upload your book at Amazon, you are required first to convert it to the proprietary format recommended by Amazon Kinlde. The amazon website automatically makes the conversion of the word doc, Html, ePub and Pdf to kindle-proprietary format.

Nonetheless, you can as well make use of eBook creator, calibre or Mobipocket to make an easy conversion of the eBook to the proprietary format without any additional payments. Free ebook formatting software offers the possibility of making format conversion in huge numbers and rescaling your eBook font size to ascertain compliance with Amazon Kindle’s specifications.


Smashwords is amongst the ebook self-publishing site pioneers. The site has a wide selection published eBooks entailing work done by over 40, 000 authors.

The usefulness of this site is that you will have an opportunity of publishing your eBook on various extended online stores at a blink of an eye. When making an upload of your eBook you use “Metagrinder” tool from the site that enables you to upload the cover image as well. This tool is so effective and efficient in such a way that it uploads your eBook in fewer minutes and in the requisite format.

Book Rix

Book Rix acts as self-publishing platform that offers exposure for your eBook by distributing it to prominent online stores. The company makes sure you receive a 70% royalty payment on the sales made.

Having a contract with this company poses no peril as it is possible to cancel the same at any time.

PayHip Publisher

This company offers a user friendly website interface. It provides efficient hosting portals for eBooks. The company makes payments via Paypal, an aspect that is very advantageous to the authors when receiving royalties. Additionally, the company as well ensures secured delivery of your eBook via wire transfer.

Furthermore, after uploading your eBook, it is possible to promote your eBook on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and many more.

Kobo Writing Life

Kobo Writing Life offers excellent ebook publishing features that are fine-tuned for self-publishers. The site also makes it possible for your eBook to appear on the main catalogue upon making preparations of your work on the site’s portal.

Additionally, the company’s portal makes it possible to make the conversion of eBook format to the required format and font size.

Final Words

The above described ebook self-publishing sites offer the best services for online self-publishing at no cost. However, the list is not conclusive because there are other online self-publishing sites that we be discussed in our consequent blogs.