At Ebook Ghostwriters We Are Committed to Quality!

Ultimately, quality ebooks receive shares, positive reviews and high sales. To different self-publishing platforms like Amazon Kindle, this depicts that a product has a high conversion rate. Therefore, they market and rank your book with the aim of increasing sales and that means more royalty earnings for you.

As such, our ebook ghostwriters are committed to quality because we understand that crafting a great book translates to a happy client, appreciative readers, more supportive self-publishing platforms and more earnings for our esteemed clients. Our ghost writers are experts in the following ebook writing categories;

Non-fiction ebook writing services

The prominence of nonfiction ebooks in today’s literary and publication landscapes cannot be ignored. Our non-fiction ebook writing services are designed to help you find your place and authority in these vast landscapes. We ensure this by working with talented non-fiction ebook ghostwriters who have experience in different non-fiction genres that include;

Self-help                  History

Biographies              Business

How-to-guides         Sports


Technical non-fiction ebook writing services

We engage highly educated technical ebook writing professionals who are conversant with a variety of industries from IT, medical, finance, legal, oil and gas. Whether you need whitepapers, corporate newsletter, an educative ebook, or a website copy, Ebook Ghostwriters will provide accurate, well-organized and detailed content that provides value to your readers and meets your sales goals. Our technical non-fiction ebook writers simplify the hard to decipher topics in a bid to deliver information in a manner suitable for your audience. Examples of technical non-fiction topics include;

Finance                         Strategy books             

Recipe books                Social media marketing

Medical books              Computing and IT       

                                            Manuals                        STEM books (science, tech, engineering, math)

Romance ebook writing services

Our romance ghostwriters go the extra mile to ensure that they deliver high writing style standards by using different voices and tones based on your romance book requirements. We bring your romance story to life by developing a flawless connection to its characters and story line as well as arousing emotions that capture the readers. With evoking writing styles, our romance ghostwriters build great romance scenes supported by the ideal setting to ensure that the readers live through every moment as it unfolds.

HTML book description writing

A well-crafted book description is what sells your initial book copies before you get reviews. It gives readers a glimpse of what’s discussed in the book to entice them to make a purchase. A description is the reader’s first experience with a book’s content. As such, a detailed description assures potential readers that the book is similarly of high quality and informative.