How to Write an EBook

EBook writing and self-publishing has emerged as the best way to make digital passive income. You only put in the effort once and generate income from a single product for years. Who wouldn’t love that?  Moreover, it has become easier than ever to write an eBook and self-publish it on different self-publishing platforms that expose your product to millions of readers globally. Even more interesting, you can make money selling eBooks online even though you may not be a good writer. You do not have to do the actual writing yourself; sometimes outsourcing to the best eBook ghostwriters pays off since you get a professionally written and edited book that appeals to your target audience.

What is an EBook?

An eBook is an electronic book that is published and sold in digital format online. Upon purchase, a reader downloads the book and reads it on their computer, phone, tablet, and dedicated eBook readers such as Nook and Kindle. The main difference between an eBook and a print book is how they are distributed and consumed. But, just like a print book, an eBook has pages that can be scrolled or flipped and is divided in chapters.

How to Write an EBook

It takes time to write, format, design and finally self-publish an eBook. Therefore, it is important to understand how to write an eBook before you invest resources to bring one to life. Whether you choose to write it yourself or hire ghost eBook writers, if you do not follow the right guidelines, you are bound to fail. Discussed herein are the basic steps of writing an eBook to help you kick start your authorship journey.

Step to Write an EBook

  1. Choose a Profitable EBook Niche and Topic

Though some people will argue that you should only write about the topics you are an expert in; if you want to make money selling eBooks online, you must choose a profitable niche and topic. You must be strategic about choosing an eBook topic. This is not a “write anything and it will sell” endeavor. You must put in some research and serious thought into the best niche that has a substantial number of readers. But, there is no limitation. You can choose any niche topic that offers valuable content that readers are interested in whether you are expert in it or not.

Go for a profitable sub-niche under a broad and popular niche. For instance, wealth creation is a broad and popular niche with a sub-niche like income and micro-niche like passive online income sources that you can write about and offer valuable information that people would love to read. The secret is finding a small topic with less competition yet highly profitable. If you provide valuable content and unique online passive income ideas to your target audience, you have a great chance to succeed because you will be selling exactly what readers want. An easy formula to follow when choosing a topic is PFC (problem, fear and curiosity).

Offer a solution to a pressing problem: be helpful to the reader by offering solutions to pressing problems they are facing. Find a solution gap and fill it but make sure it is common to a sizable group of people.

Address fears: everyone has a fear that they avoid at all cost. Fears can be anything from what people think about you, falling into a debt trap, being diagnosed with a life-threatening condition, raising arrogant and spoilt kids, or losing your job when you least expect. If you choose an eBook topic that addresses a common societal fear and offers tips on how to overcome the fear, you are bound to reap big.

Satisfy curiosity: curiosity might have killed the cat but people are always curious about stuff. This explains why reality shows captivate many and why celebrity gossip always sells. The thing is, people are intrigued by information that is not readily available. Therefore, if you have a source of inside information that masses are curious about, it could be the best eBook topic.

Write something that is not easily available for free

Most of the information offered by eBook authors is not new; it is just packaged differently because there is nothing new under the sun. Therefore, it is hard for new eBook writers to come up with a totally new and unique topic that has not been discussed before. But, you can make your eBook writing idea unique in a manner that someone cannot find it freely elsewhere. Have a solid unique selling proposition that gives readers a good reason to pay for your book as opposed to opting for information that is offered freely.

  1. Write a Detailed EBook Outline

A detailed eBook outline highlights the topics to be discussed in the book in form of chapters. It ensures that your book flows and above all, it addresses the intended topic exhaustively. Come up with suitable chapters that address the problem, fear or curiosity point you wish to write about. Under each chapter write at least three bullet point that will serve as sub-headings. This would be the best time to do your research. Once you have a well-laid out eBook outline think about how long each chapter should be based on the value it provides to the reader. Chapter lengths will then determine the length of your book.

  1. Write or Hire EBook Ghostwriters

If you researched while creating an outline, this step will be much easier. You need to avoid distractions and read as much informative content relating to your chosen topic as possible. It is not possible to write an eBook in one sitting. Therefore, set realistic writing goals like a chapter per day or a certain number of words per day. Do not be in a rush to finish as you may compromise on quality and value. If you are not good in writing, it is best to outsource the writing to eBook ghost writers. If you choose to pay for eBook ghostwriting services, ensure that you provide as much information about your book as possible. It would be wise to share the outline draft just to ensure that your eBook ghostwriter understands exactly what the book addresses.

  1. Format Your EBook

Once the eBook text is ready and thoroughly edited, the next is formatting to ensure that it offers and optimal reading experience for your target audience. EBook formatting depends on the file format you choose as well as your preferred self-publishing platform. Different platforms have different formatting rules. Therefore, be sure to go through their eBook self-publishing resources and formatting guidelines. But, there are a few general formatting guidelines;

  • Leave a lot of white spaces. Use a large font size, wide page margins and plenty of line and paragraph spaces. These spacing components ensure the reader flows with ease through the content without straining.
  • Have a header and footer. At minimum, you should have page numbers at the top or bottom of the pages. You can also add helpful items like chapter titles or a link to your website.
  • Double check graphics and pictures. If your book includes graphics and pictures, ensure that you indicate their source and copyright information. Also, ensure that they are proportioned and positioned correctly.


  1. Get an Attention Grabbing Cover

A professionally designed cover is important because it sets the tone for the book. Therefore, unless you are exceptionally talented, it is advisable to outsource the cover design to a professional and experienced designer. While at it, ask the designer to make matching graphics and banners that you will use to market the book on social media platforms or on your website. An attention grabbing eBook cover should; use big and clear title font, have the book’s subtitle in smaller or italicized font, and use a maximum of three colors. But, it should not give away much information about the book’s content. It should have just enough to compel the readers to seek answers to their questions relating to the topic in discussion.

  1. Write an EBook Description that Sells

Apart from the title and the book cover, a description is the most crucial eBook marketing material. An eBook description should be compelling because readers make purchase decisions based on how captivating it is. It gives readers insight on what the book entails, how the book will help them solve their problems, fears or dispel curiosity.

Final Word

As people embrace the internet of things, the eBook market is experience huge growth. This means that it is easier than ever to generate passive income from selling your eBooks online. Notably, you only invest in the book once and it earns income for years with little marketing efforts. Therefore, do not be held back by lack of time to put together a best seller, reach out to the best eBook ghostwriters for assistance with hard writing part.