You may think that after putting the final full stop of your content as an author or an eBook ghostwriter your work is done. However, that is not true as the enormous task of promotion and marketing awaits which greatly determines the amount of income influx you will have. With an escalating rate in ebook authorship globally, it is essential to focus on offering quality content that solves underlying societal problems in order to increase your royalty income.

It is important to note that you can promote and market your eBook for about a year or less before embarking on the actual launch. Though you will probably launch your book upon publishing it on free self-publishing websites like Amazon Kindle, it is crucial to have a plan on how best to launch your book.

As an upcoming author, publishing your book at Amazon is a guarantee that you will earn yourself some good cash. However, you will need to conduct intense marketing and promotion on various social media platforms and guest posts.

If it is your first eBook, or you are an established author, you ought to have the best knowledge in marketing and promotion. Therefore let’s have a look at ways to achieve your marketing and promotion strategies.

How to Promote and Market Your EBook 2-3 Months before Launching

As an author, during this period, you should focus on sparking your audiences’ interest so that they are eager to purchase and read eBook. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are suitable sites to have a fruitful interaction with your audience. Ensure that you create a good rapport with them.

Always have an open mind and be helpful to your audience. Make it known that you’re jotting down a thrilling and informative book and ensuring that they know your web page. You can join some active ebook writers and publishers groups on social media and flow with conversations while making comments through popular hashtags used by other authors.

Additionally, you may as well develop some branded pictures with embedded quotes about what your book offers. This idea will make your brand go viral as the images will play the role of a meme to reach an extended outreach of people.

During this time, it is also essential to build your emailing list. Let people make a subscription to your email to get updates when your eBook is published. You may as well provide early subscribers some privileges, for example, by sending them your book’s first chapter.

After establishing some catchy attention, now you are at liberty to set the book’s launching date.

What to do One Month before the Launch

During this period, it is the best time for you as an author to walk the extra mile by ensuring the generation of pre-reviews and publicity. Look for book bloggers who are known because of their influence, visit radio stations and local newspapers, and dispatch the book package to do a review.

Upon agreeing on your launch package, embark on sending the book to them for free and stay for at least a week without sending an email to make a follow-up. You may also upload the eBook to various online stores for clients to make pre-orders and get reviews. Get your reviewers on writing a review on the Amazon website.

Attempt to be specific and choose the one with little competition when selecting the ideal categories. You will have high chances of your eBook ranking at the top among the bestseller list.

Come up with a book trailer as it will increase marketability. Website site such as PowToon will aid you in developing a video trailer. A video trailer will pitch your eBook to various groups of prospective readers. Upload the trailer on YouTube to widen the market of your book.

What to do One Week to Launching

During this time, you will have experienced lots of physical and emotional cumbersomeness as you will have put much effort into writing, promotional, and marketing of your book. However, you may feel anxious as to whether your publication will garner readers to translate into sales.

Make use of the email list that you created and dispatch emails up to the final day to remind them. You may also approach your launch team and request them to make tweets and promote your book on various platforms.

The Actual Book Launching Day

During the book launching, your presence matters a lot as you will have meetings and interviews. Show a happy face since at long last you book is out. However, it would be best if you do not relax as you are not yet done with the journey.

What To Do the Following Week after the Launch?

Thank everybody and show gratitude to each person who participated in book creation and promotion. Because your eBook has been produced, it is a high time to dedicate yourself to sending it on various book promotion websites.

The sites ensure distribution of the link for your book to the crowd of people on their email list and social media platform. Some will do it for free, while others will do it at a certain percentage while others will offer paid packages.

The reviews, purchases, and visits emanating from these sites play a significant role by ensuring that your book ranks high in the stores’ top lists. However, there are requirements that you have to adhere to as some sites do not accommodate erotic content; you must have a specific number of reviews and or have a particular genre.

What to do One Month after carrying Out the Launch

There is a high possibility of experiencing a decline in your sales after several weeks. Make strategies to have a free distribution awareness or a flash sale to boost your sales.

After conducting all the marketing and promotion strategies, it would be a good time to relax and comfortably enjoy the influx of royalties or perhaps start working on another set of eBooks and become the next millionaire.

Final words

It is of paramount importance to devote your time in eBook creation and promotion. Social media platforms are the best sites to earn promotions. Time well invested in designing marketing strategies and advertising schemes results in high sales and hence inflow of income. Venturing and committing yourself to write and publish ebooks is a very lucrative and ideal way of generating passive income. Do not lag.